Hello there, I'm Carolyn.

The proud owner of 7 dogs (2 collies, 2 kelpies, 1 sprollie and 2 miniature Schnauzers). Here's my Mottley crew right here.

Bonkers? Maybe a little :-)

I started out with my first DSLR probably around 2005 when my daughter was growing up, but then she reached an age where I was banned from taking her picture! My passion for mastering the camera came about when I tried to capture my first high speed manic border collie in action. Shutter speed became my obsession.

I then progressed to helping out local animal rescue taking shots of animals needing new homes (incredibly rewarding!)

Over the years, I have ventured into family and pet photography, then into weddings (my first wedding was at Gretna Green in 2011) and more recently taking on commercial shoots.

Small Adventures as an official business, was created in 2014 and i've never looked back. I've been very lucky to have the opportunity to capture such a wide variety of subject and events. I don't have a specific genre; i'm happy to try my hand at pretty much anything.

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